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The Sign We've Been Waiting For

Ashley Crowder Stanley, Pastor


“Mom, what do you want for Christmas?” my daughter Catherine asked me.  “That’s easy,” I said, “will you design a logo for Wellspring?” Over the course of months, my graphic designer offspring went to work, asking questions, experimenting with a color palette, envisioning a “mark”(symbol) that would clearly represent our mission of being a welcoming, inclusive, abundance-focused, connected community centered on the grace of God and the belovedness of all people.


When Catherine met with our leadership team to reveal her design package, it was clear that she had embraced this project not only with her skill and but also with her heart.  Here are a few things she told us about the design work:




  • The mark creates a sense of a circle around a central focus.  The line represents disparate elements that have been joined together.  But there is also space for entry into the circle. 
  • She redesigned a standard font by expanding the space between the letters to evoke a feeling of openness and space.  Even the edges of the letters were rounded to be less sharp and edgy.
  • There is a connection between the font and the mark(see picture below).  This gives a visual sense of cohesiveness.
  • The color palette she chose contains shades of green, blue and white to inspire calm, peace and help us remember the waters of baptism in which we are named “beloved” by God.
  • She chose a secondary font for the words “an inclusive United Methodist Church.”  This secondary font was chosen to compliment and balance the primary font.  


With the design package as a guide, it was now time for the construction of our large street sign which would be installed at our location on busy Sweeten Creek Road.   Woodworker T. Stanley volunteered to tackle this daunting project and the work began!  T., along with friend and Wellspringer, Lew Kraus, invested countless hours in the sign’s design and creation. Here are a few details:



  • It is made of 2” thick white oak
  •  It weighs about 100 lbs.
  • It is 38” wide and 48” tall
  • The logo and text were cut with a CNC router, using the specified design and fonts.
  • The paint color(navy blue) was chosen from our color palette.
  •  It was hung on the freshly painted(Thanks Steve Pagano!) street post formerly used by 12 Bones.
  • It took a ladder in the back of a pick-up, a group of brave and strong volunteers (thank you Jeff, Austin, Brenda and T.) to hang it as a bunch of giddy onlookers cheered them on!!


We can never adequately thank the creative people who have contributed their talent, resources and time to helping us reach this milestone.  I hope they will always derive deep satisfaction in knowing that their work helps Wellspring communicate warmth, hospitality and grace to everyone who passes by.  


We are Wellspring Congregation: An Inclusive United Methodist Church, a beautiful array of imperfect people who want to grow closer to God and to one another.  The circle is open. All of who you are is welcome here.


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Spreading the Light at Wellspring

I would like to encourage you to share your reflections or prayer requests with me at my confidential email:

I will be honored to reflect with you and pray for you. 

Rev. Ashley Crowder Stanley

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